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2021 Officers and Directors are Dave Parisot, President (parisot@nwfmoa.com); George Colton, Secretary-Treasurer-Director (treasurer@nwfmoa.org); Directors Robert Allen, Scott Bates, Fran Hendricks and Fred Westfall

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Contact Info: Dave Parisot, Maj, USAF (Ret.)

 (parisot@nwfmoa.org) or (850) 613-6545

As a qualified 501C(3) corporation, donations to the Scholarship Fund
are tax deductible as provided by law.

Policy & Procedures and Application Forms

Policies and Procedures for the NWFMOA Scholarship Fund

NWFMOA Scholarship Application 

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JROTC Educational Support Grant Program

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NWFMOA Scholarship Fund, Inc.

A Brief History of the Organization

(As compiled by Dave Parisot, President, 2015 - 2021)

The NWFMOA Scholarship Fund was established in May 1981 for the purpose of recognizing outstanding JROTC students in the five Okaloosa County High Schools of Baker, Crestview, Fort Walton Beach, Choctawhatchee, and Niceville.   The program was approved by the Board of Officers of Northwest Florida Chapter of The Retired Officers Association (TROA). In 1982 the Scholarship Committee selected Cadet Blum of Crestview High School from the five nominees of the Okaloosa County high schools with JROTC programs. Funds for this first scholarship of $500 came from a golf tournament and cash donations. [Source:  Email from Bob Secrest to Frank Glunn, Feb 2012]

The NWFROC Scholarship Fund, Inc. was established with the Internal Revenue Service as a Chapter 501c(3) non-profit organization in March 1997.  When The Retired Officers Association (TROA) changed its name to the Military Officers Association (MOAA), the organizational name was changed with the IRS to the NWFMOA Scholarship Fund, Inc in 2003.

Prior to 2015, scholarship awards of $500 were made to a JROTC cadet form each of the five Okaloosa County high schools with JROTC programs: Baker School, Choctawhatchee H.S., Crestview H.S., Fort Walton Beach H.S., and Niceville H.S.

At the 2015 Annual Board of Directors meeting on Feb. 25, 2015, the Scholarship Board unanimously approved increasing the scholarship amounts to $1,500 for each of the five high school JROTC programs, and the winner from each school would be interviewed by the Scholarship Committee to select the winner of the $3,000 scholarship to be paid out over two years. Scholarships awarded totaled $9,000 that year.  A formal scholarship application was adopted with academic, community service, and leadership criteria and the requirement for scholarship winners to enroll in ROTC at their college.  In addition, scholarship checks will be paid direct to the colleges after receipt of letters of enrollment from both the college and the ROTC unit.  The “Policies and Procedures for Scholarship Selections and Awards” and the “Scholarship Application” were adopted and posted on the NWFMOA website of www.nwfmoa.org.

At the Annual Board of Directors meeting on Jan. 17, 2018, the Scholarship Fund Board of Directors unanimously approved increasing the number of scholarships awarded to seven by adding the JROTC programs at Navarre and Walton High Schools.  The scholarship amounts were increased to $2,000 to each of seven JROTC high school programs.  The winner from each school would appear before the Scholarship Committee for interviews/questions to select the winner of the $4,000 “Lt. Col. James “Jim” Heavener Memorial Scholarship”.  This scholarship was created to honor Jim for his bequest of substantial funds to the Scholarship Fund upon his death in Sept. 2016.  The Board also unanimously approved designating one of the Okaloosa County scholarships as the “Chong Cha (Kim) Parisot Memorial Scholarship” in memory of the deceased wife of David Parisot who will fund this scholarship annually. Thus the total amount of awarded scholarships for 2018 was $16,000. This amount of scholarship awards was continued for 2019.

At the annual Board of Directors meeting in January 2020, the scholarship amounts were increased to $2,500 for each JROTC cadet plus the top scholarship of $4,000 for the “Lt. Col. James and Mrs. Una Heavener Memorial Scholarship”.  An additional scholarship of $2,500 was added, thus bringing the total of awarded scholarships to eight and the total amount of $21,500.  This program of eight scholarships totaling $21,500 was continued for 2021.

The Scholarship Fund Board met in November 2021 and agreed to increase each of the scholarships by $500, i.e., from $2,500 to $3,000 and from $4,000 to $4,500 for the Heavener Scholarship.  Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Howard and Mrs. Irene Fisher, we will be awarding an additional scholarship starting in 2022.  Thank you Howard and Irene!  Thus, in 2022, we will have eight scholarships available at $3,000 each and one for $4,500.  This scholarship program is not possible without the generosity of our Chapter members and Business donors. We also created an Educational Support Grant program for our seven local JROTC units.

In the period of 2015 through 2021, the NWFMOA Scholarship Fund, Inc. has awarded 35 scholarships to local JROTC cadets totaling over $100,000.  Total scholarships awarded since 1982 total over $125,000.  Our Scholarship Program is a way of promoting one of the missions of NWFMOA “To help build future military officers and leaders”.

At the annual Scholarship Board of Directors meeting in 2015, the Board revived the recognition program for those who donate $100 or more to the Scholarship Fund and renamed it the BG Frank Glunn Century Club in memory of a previous past-President.  In January 2017 the Scholarship Board unanimously adopted a new recognition program for our BG Frank Glunn Century Club members.  It is called the “Gold Century Club”.  It recognizes those who have donated $500 or more cumulatively since we reactivated the Century Club in 2015. Gold Club members receive a Certificate of Membership upon entry with the certificates presented at the annual Scholarship luncheon, The Scholarship Fund and the JROTC cadets who receive our scholarships are most thankful for all donations to the Fund.

In 2017 the Scholarship Funds “Business Donor Program” was established to recognize those local businesses who donate to the program, either by monetary or ‘in-kind’ donations.  Four levels of donations were set:  “Business Bronze Donors” ($100 -$249); “Business Silver Donors” ($250-$499); “Business Gold Donors” ($500-$749); and, “Business Platinum Donors” ($750+).

The NWFMOA Scholarship Fund, Inc. is an IRS approved 501c(3) non-profit corporation.  Donations to the Fund are tax deductible as approved by law.  The Scholarship Fund is also registered as a non-profit charity with the Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  The Scholarship Fund officers and directors are all volunteers and serve without compensation.

Below is the complete list of Gold Century Club members ($500 cumulative minimum donation since 2015) and BG Frank Glunn Century Club members ($100 minimum donation) for the most previous 12 months of 2019 and 2020 along with our Business Donors. Your support is greatly appreciated.  Remember, all of these donations are used to fund our scholarships to JROTC cadets. [Note: (R) means Renewal of membership.].

Gold Century Club: Bill Ryan (Feb 2016); Ruth Cullen (Oct 2016); Dave Parisot (Feb 2017); Janet Taylor (Mar 2017); Chris Beam (Mar 2017); Bob Garcia (Jul 2017) Rod Gerdes (Nov 2017); Larry Bush (Nov 2017); Dr Howard & Irene Fisher (Nov 2017); Eileen Arpke (Feb 2018), Fred Westfall (April 2018), Clyde Locke (April 2018), WWII, Korea, & Vietnam Veteran Sam Lombardo (July 2018), Dennis Phillips (August 2018). Karl & Charlotte Eschmann (Oct 2018), Carol Baker (Jan 2019), and Ann Adelsperger (Feb 2019); Don Litke (August 2019); Fred Boyer (August 2019); Keith Kudlow (Nov 2019), Al Bills (Nov 2019); Kay Dent (Nov 2019); Dr. Roger Riggenbach (Dec 2019); Nick Marotta (Oct 2020); Robert "Pete" Peterzen (Dec 2020), Kathy & Jesse Bush (Dec 2020); Patt & Caroline Maney (Dec 2020); and Kevin Kirby (Apr 2021); Scott & Janet Berry (May 2021) [Note: 29 total members].

BG Frank Glunn Century Club: 
(past 12 months) (R = Renewal) December 2020: Robert "Pete" Peterzen (R), Dennis Phillips (R), Craig Miller, Jesse & Kathy Bush (R), Scott & Janet Berry (R), Patrick Boab (R), and Jeffrey Watson; Kay Dent (In memory of Troy Dent and Larry Ketter); Bob Garcia (R); Karl & Charlotte Eschmann (R)(In memory of B/Gen Bud Day and Mrs. Kay Litke); Chris Beam (R); Les Matheson (R); Dave Parisot (R)(In memory of Mrs. Chong Parisot); and Patt & Caroline Maney. January 2021: Fred Westfall (R); Janet (Ryan) Taylor (R) (In honor of Maj. Bill Ryan); Februaray 2021: Rod Gerdes (R) and Chris Beam (R); March 2021: Dave Davis (R)(In memory of B/Gen Bud Day); Fred Boyer (R)(In honor of Marlene Bosak); Joy Houck (R)(In memory of Maj. Stanley Houck); April 2021: Dr. Keith Kulow (R); Kevin Kirby; May 2021: Larry Busch (R); Patrick Boab (R); Al Bills (R); Scott & Janet Berry (R); Dick Solt (R) June 2021 Dave Parisot (R) (In memory of Lt. Col. Sam Lombardo); August 2021: Janet (Ryan) Taylor (R)(In honor of Maj. Bill Ryan); Donald Litke (R)(In memory of Kay Litke); Anonymous (In memory of David Baker); Chuck Merkel (In honor of Patt Maney); September 2021: Paul & Kathy Gerth (In memory of Larry and ann Shingler), Doug Hardin (R)(In memory of Gen Bill Kirk), George Colton (R)(In memor of Larry and Ann Shingler, and Kevin Kirk (R); October 2021: Janet (Ryan) Taylor (R) (In honor of Major Bill Ryan), Kevin Kirby (R), Howard & Irene Fisher (R), Craig Miller (R); November 2021: Dave Parisot (R)(In memory of Dick Prater), Bob Gramm (R), Joe Stevens (R), Jesse & Kthy Bush (R), Fran Hendricks; Dan Brown (R), Robert 'Pete" Peterzen (R), Mark Fluker, and Charlotte Eschmann (in-kind).

2019/2020 Business Platinum Donor ($750 minimum): October 2019: Shalimar Cheers Pub ($1,000) (R).

2019/2020 Business Gold Donor ($500 - $749): May 2021: Merril Lynch (Chris Beam & Tess Bass)

2020/2021 Business Silver Donors ($250 - $499): TBD

2021 Business Bronze Donors ($100 - $249) May 2021: Eye MD of Niceville (R); November 2021: Lee Nissan of FWB, Buffalo Reef of FWB (in-kind), Mary's Kitchen of FWB (in-kind), Painting With a Twist of FWB (in-kind), Repeat Street Thrift Store of FWB (in-kind).

Please support our local businesses that have contributed to our scholarship program.



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